Thursday 2 July, 2020

No new COVID-19 case within last 24 hours

 For a fourth day since the first coronavirus (COVID-19) case was recorded on March 10, Jamaica has no new case of the virus.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases therefore remains at 591.

There are 368 Jamaicans who have recovered from COVID-19, with seven new additions within the last 24 hours. That puts the island’s recovery rate at 62.3 per cent.

There are now 92 imported cases, made up of:

 25 cases prior to March 22, 2020;

 Eight cases between March 23 and March 29, 2020;

 One medical emergency on April 16, 2020;

 34 cases from cruise ships under the Controlled Re-entry Programme;

 15 cases from flights returning from the UK under the Controlled Re-entry

Programme; and

 Nine cases from flights returning from the US, also under the Controlled Re-entry Programme.


 217 cases are contacts of confirmed cases;

 27 are local transmission cases not epidemiologically linked;

 235 are linked to a workplace cluster; and

 20 are under investigation.

Gender and Age Breakdown

 340 or 58 per cent of the confirmed cases are females; and

 251 or 42 per cent are males.

 They range in age from two months to 87 years.

Of the 591 cases confirmed with COVID-19 to date:

 368 have recovered (62.3 per cent recovered), and 10 (1.7 per cent) persons have died.

 To date, 10 persons have been considered moderately ill and 14 persons critically ill. Of note, there are now two critically ill cases and no moderately ill cases.

 There are 213 (36 per cent) active cases now under observation.

Controlled Re-entry Programme

 Since April 29, 2020 there have been 2,320 entries.

 All have been tested.

 58 have tested positive to date.

Testing and Surveillance

 The island’s testing numbers are up to 13,813.

 199 samples were tested within the last 24 hours – two of them repeat samples.

 Of the 13,813 tests done to date, 591 have returned positive results, while 13,190 have returned negative results, and 32 results are pending.

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