Monday 3 August, 2020

New theory and many questions about deadly Spanish Town cop drama

One of the Nissan AD Wagon motorcars that were involved in the deadly cop verses cop drama in Spanish Town, St Catherine early on Sunday morning.

One of the Nissan AD Wagon motorcars that were involved in the deadly cop verses cop drama in Spanish Town, St Catherine early on Sunday morning.

Kirk Frazer, the alleged rogue cop who escaped police custody, plans to surrender to the police this week in the presence of his lawyer, who is reportedly Valerie Neita Robertson.

The cop is claiming innocence in relation to the multiple shooting and fatality incidents that unfolded in Spanish Town, St Catherine into the wee hours of Sunday morning, resulting in the deaths of three persons, including a cop.

Early reports suggested that the violent series of events began with the murder of a civilian by a group of three off-duty policemen, including Frazer, which sparked a high-speed chase and further shooting and death.

But Frazer is contending that he was on a legitimate mission with his colleagues in pursuit of the actual killer(s) of Sheldon 'Junior Biggs' Daley at a dance at Chedwin Park in Spanish Town late on Saturday night, when the series of unfortunate events unfolded.

Loop News spoke to several police officers who are said to be close to the situation, and they painted a nightmarish scenario of blatant police corruption, mistaken identity and murder, which has now left one of their colleagues, Corporal Rohan Williams, dead, another cop injured, and Frazer in hiding.

"It is my understanding that Frazer, Willy (Williams) and Scott (the third Mobile Reserve cop) were at a dance in Chedwin Park. They pursued the real shooter - we understand that there are AK shell casings at the scene - who escaped in a grey Nissan Tiida. While they were pursuing that car, persons in a white Honda Civic with a black bonnet began to fire on them in the vicinity of Featherbed Lane," a source said.

According to the source, the cops riddled the white Honda Civic with bullets, but the cops, who were travelling in a white Nissan AD Wagon motorcar, crashed into a silver AD wagon that was being driven by 32-year-old Kevron Burrell, at the junction of Brunswick Avenue and Job Lane.

"Frazer regained consciousness and saw that Willy and Scott were unresponsive, so he got out of the car and stood a little to the side to watch proceedings. The motorists in the other car appeared to be unconscious as well. That is when Frazer saw a black Ford Focus (being) pulled up, and he saw an officer who he had seen at the dance earlier, come over and shoot the innocent man Burrell in the head, and when someone in the car bawled out, that cop walked over to the policeman's car and shot Willy in the head," the source said.

Investigators on the scene of the deadly cop versus cop shooting in Spanish Town on Sunday morning.

The motorist Burrell, whose girlfriend was reportedly in his car at the time of the incident, was reportedly just at the wrong place at the wrong time, as he was simply coming from a wake.

Of the source’s perspective thereafter, it was said that, "Frazer then jumped into a passing police vehicle and asked them to carry him to the hospital, but then when he realised that one of the cops (in the police car) was stationed in Spanish Town, he bailed out once the vehicle slowed down, and has gone into hiding. He intends to turn himself in."

The initial narrative was that at a dance in Chedwin Park on Saturday night into Sunday morning, Sheldon 'Junior Biggs' Daley, a reputed underworld figure in Spanish Town, was shot and killed. An off-duty policeman reportedly challenged the armed man who shot Daley, with the shooter fleeing the scene in a white Nissan AD Wagon motorcar. That vehicle crashed into a silver AD wagon at the Brunswick Avenue/Job Lane junction following a shootout, at the end of which a cop was killed, the driver of the silver AD wagon was killed, and three other civilians who were in the silver Nissan AD Wagon were seriously injured.

It has since been ascertained that the three men in the white Nissan AD Wagon were all off-duty police officers from the Mobile Reserve.

One of the shot-up cars at the end of the deadly encounter involving four cops in Spanish Town on Sunday morning. 

However, the sources believe that there are clear holes in that overall narrative.

"No one knows what really transpired, so why is INDECOM (the Independent Commission of Investigation) using the phrase 'rogue cops' to describe our colleagues, when the men were maybe acting in the lawful execution of their duties as policemen. The cops were not on interdiction, they were off front-line duty, but they were not suspended as the media has been suggesting; there is a lot of misinformation floating around," a source said.

The sources also questioned the possible motives of investigators from the police oversight body, the Inspectorate of Constabulary (IOC), which is conducting an inquiry into what is now a mushrooming public relations nightmare for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

"Where is the gun that shot Junior Biggs? Was a gun found in the car with the innocent motorist who was killed?

“Who planted that gun? Where is the Honda Civic with the black bonnet which pursued the cops, and who drove this car?

“If the black Ford Focus had been in hot pursuit, why was it not shot up as well?

“And who killed the innocent motorist who was unconscious at the time?

“Was it the same gun that killed ‘Willy’, who was also unconscious at the time?

“Who was this off-duty cop?

“And why is he aligning himself with Daley, a known…

“And why was this cop taken off an Operation Support Team if he is a so-called hero cop?

“How could he alone take on three highly-trained cops and emerge the winner?" the sources asked.

On the other side of the coin, INDECOM has notably said one police officer is currently in custody, and it has been confirmed that the white Nissan AD wagon is a police service vehicle that has been assigned to the Mobile Reserve.

Several items were reportedly found in the police car, including two sets of registration plates, with a third set attached to the front and rear of the car.

Also found were a police vehicle log book for one set of the plates that were found inside the car; a detachable police blue emergency light; and five firearms, of which three have been identified as police service Glock pistols.

INDECOM has also confirmed that the two surviving police officers from the white Nissan AD Wagon were on bail on separate murder cases which are before the Home Circuit Court in Kingston.

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