Thursday 4 June, 2020

With new rhythm, Ricky Di Lova aims to revive dancing in the dancehall

Ricky Di Lova

Ricky Di Lova

Going to dances was a way of life for Alvin Ricketts as a youth in Majesty Gardens, a tough community in Kingston. Not only did he get to hear some great music and rub shoulders with popular artistes, it was a chance for him and his friends to dance with girls.

Known as singjay and producer Ricky Di Lova, he operates the Turbulence International record label in South Florida. Recently, it released the Should Have Known Better rhythm, which he hopes will revive the good old days of dancing in the dancehall.

“Mi used to look forward to hold a daughter an’ rub-a-dub when mi go dance, but dat naah happen again. With this rhythm, wi waan bring a certain kinda unity inna di dance,” he said.

'Rub a Dub Style' by singer Milton Blake, one of the songs on the Should Have Known Better, calls for just that. Ricky Di Lova contributes 'My Girl Dat', while 'When You Smile' is done by veteran singer Michael Fabulous.

Singjays Khausion and Sativa D Black 1 also recorded songs on the beat. Khausion’s effort is 'It’s A Shame'; Sativa D Black 1 does 'Mr Drought' which features Saddam Aerodynamic.

Ricky Di Lova, who has lived in South Florida for 20 years, has always had music links. His older brother is Trinity, one of the top deejays of the 1970s; but his biggest influence was Clint Eastwood, another toaster from that era.

His own recording career began in the early 1990s, when he cut songs for various producers including Carl Hayles, Ziggy Marley and George Phang. In 1997, he co-produced a rhythm called Mongrel Dog which had songs by Lukie D, Cobra, Elephant Man and Harry Toddler and Pancho.

Ricky Di Lova also operates the Turbulence International sound system which plays mainly in South Florida.

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