Sunday 8 December, 2019

A new Full Moon Party series hits Kingston

Everyone has heard of Thailand's famous Full Moon Party, right?

Well now the phenomenon is coming here to Kingston - starting tonight!

The debut Full Moon Rave takes place November 24 from 9pm at The Pallet, 5A North Avenue.

But it's not just top music, dance and colourful cocktails. 

There'll be fire throwers, subtle hints of astrology, and lots of other surprises under the unique beauty of the Jamaican Full Moon.

And the even better news is that this isn't a one-off. The party will become a staple around the lunar calendar to integrate Jamaican culture with awareness of the night sky.

It's very different to what is currently on offer on the Kingston party scene but why pass up an opportunity to eat good food, drink good cocktails and party?

And it's only $500 at the gate.

So dress to impress, bring your friends and share the magic!

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