Monday 3 August, 2020

Nestlé Jamaica Foundation donates to healthcare sector amidst COVID-19

As Jamaica and the world continue to battle the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which has claimed thousands of lives worldwide, essential service workers are at the forefront of the fight helping to contain the spread of the virus.

Healthcare workers are especially critical as they risk their lives everyday to care for the sick and help them on their journey to recovery.

In recognition of the hard work and sacrifices being made by the thousands of healthcare workers island-wide, especially in the hospitals designated to care for COVID-19 patients, Nestlé Jamaica Health and Wellness Foundation has made a significant donation of their coffee products to give a boosts to staff members who are working tirelessly to ensure the optimum care for patients.

Health workers at the University of the West Indies receive their donation from Nestle. 

Nestlé Jamaica has so far donated items to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital, the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) and the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH). The company has also made numerous other donations to various organisations in response to the increasing COVID-19 crisis.

Last Friday, a team from the Nestlé Foundation visited the UHWI and KPH to deliver the items. Speaking on behalf of the foundation, Director, Ockino Petrie thanked the health care workers for their dedication and commitment to the COVID-19 fight - noting that they are heroes in this battle.

“The Nestlé Foundation is proud to be able to contribute and support the men and women in the health-care sector who are on the frontline of the fights with COVID-19; we lift our hats off to them as we cannot overcome this dreadful virus without them”, Petrie said.

Nestle donation to health workers

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Receiving the donation, CEO of UHWI, Kevin Allen, expressed his gratitude to the Nestlé Foundation and to other corporate companies and non-profit organisations, sharing that the hospital has been receiving tremendous support from corporate Jamaica as well as non-profit organisations.

Senior Medical Officer for KPH, Dr Natalie Whylie, shared similar sentiments, noting that the donation will help in boosting the energy of the staff as well as adding a boost of morale to keep their spirits high.

“We are very grateful to the Nestlé Foundation for this donation as it certainly helps to boost our morale, as it is not easy being on the frontline in this pandemic, so we appreciate being supported by corporate Jamaica”, Dr Whylie said.

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