Wednesday 21 August, 2019

NCB encourages Christmas shoppers to be vigilant

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As Jamaicans go out and about doing their last-minute holiday shopping, one financial institution is urging customers to be extra vigilant when conducting transactions online or using their credit and debit cards in stores and at ABMs.

Fraud Prevention Manager at the National Commercial Bank, Lloyd Parchment, advised that fraudsters are employing various schemes to skim cardholders’ information, including using dummy Point-of-sale (POS) machines and creating fake e-commerce websites.

He explained that during the festive season, criminals are usually very active, and NCB wants to encourage Jamaicans to be on the lookout to protect themselves against potential scams.

 "We want our customers to be extra vigilant and exercise caution as they go about making their transactions. For example, shoppers should not allow merchants to swipe their cards on multiple machines, as this may be an attempt to capture their information on a dummy POS machine,” he shared.

Parchment said the fraudsters swipe the card on a fake machine and then ask customers to enter their information, which they capture. Afterwards, they then try to swipe the card again on a different machine, telling the customer that the first transaction failed.

He advised customers who find themselves in such a situation to immediately speak to management at the establishment, and if they still feel uncomfortable, they should contact their bank's customer service to investigate and take necessary precautions.

He also urged cardholders to be extra cautious of the websites on which they conduct business, noting that persons should pay close attention to the URLs of all websites and only shop from websites they know and trust.

“When shopping online, look out for the ‘s’ in ‘https’ to be sure that the website is secure. Also, customers should be cautious of “too-good-to-be-true” deals on strange websites and only shop from websites you know and trust,” he said.

For added protection when conducting banking transactions online, Parchment is reminding customers that NCB RSA is a dual-factor authentication, which ensures that multiple methods are used to verify customer’s identity, thereby making it harder for fraudsters to get unauthorised access to customers' bank accounts.

Persons who have fallen victim to the schemes of fraudsters should immediately contact customer service or visit their bank to file a claim.  NCB customers can also utilize the bank’s newly introduced dispute resolution portal at, where they can report issues, track disputes, report a card as lost or stolen, block or unblock credit cards and request a replacement card in a matter of minutes.


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