Saturday 8 August, 2020

Murders down big time in St Mary, but SOE fugitives heading there

While there has been a significant decline in murders in St Mary so far this year, the police are grappling with an influx of wanted men and other criminals fleeing the states of emergencies in other police divisions.

The disclosure was made by head of the St Mary police, Superintendent Babette Morgan-Simpson, as she addressed the monthly sitting of the St Mary Municipal Corporation in the parish capital, Port Maria, on Thursday.

"We (the police) also find that there are a number of criminals, because of the state(s) of emergency and enhanced security measures that are happening in other parishes, we are finding migrant criminals in this space. Just yesterday (Wednesday) morning, one was captured in an area (of St Mary). He is wanted in the St Andrew South police area," she disclosed.

Additionally, the police in St Mary are contending with a rise in robberies, which was said to be partly due to migration of criminals primarily from St Ann.

"Robbery is the one (crime) that is really giving us a hard time. What we find are that migrant criminals; and we have them coming in from St Ann and committing crimes in the parish; and it is happening vice-versa," Morgan-Simpson said.

But the criminals are being countered by law enforcers in the parish.

The superintendent said overall, crime has been trending down in the parish.

"The crime situation in St Mary has been trending down since the start of the year. This time last year 30 persons were murdered in the parish. For this year, 16 persons have been murdered so far," she said.

She also cited that approximately 75 per cent of the murders this year were domestic-related.

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