Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Mr Vegas slams Shabba Ranks as ‘the diva’ of dancehall

Mr Vegas (left) and Shabba Ranks

Mr Vegas (left) and Shabba Ranks

Recording artiste Mr Vegas stirred a social media firestorm over the weekend with a scathing rebuke of dancehall legend Shabba Ranks.

Mr Vegas, in several social media posts, labelled the ‘dancehall emperor’ a ‘diva’ who lacks respect for fellow Jamaican artistes.

“You have some great songs but you are not the biggest thing right now… let go that emperor something deh… you can’t hold on to this forever,” Mr Vegas said in a video he posted on Youtube.

His rant was triggered by an alleged incident at a stage show in England in which he claimed that Shabba “locked down the floor” and prevented other artistes from accessing the dressing room.

Loop News was unable to confirm the incident and efforts to get a comment from Shabba were futile.

Mr Vegas also criticized Shabba for allegedly wanting a motorcade during a recent visit to Jamaica.

“Because him want people to think him ah the biggest ting same way… you not the biggest ting right now bredda, let it go!” Mr Vegas said.

His comments on Shabba received mixed reactions on social media.

Among the supporters:  Jah Walks said:  “shabba ranks a run pon fumes now a name him a live off a.”

Lusy King noted taht “shabba no buss no youths”, while Jake Snow said: “ninja man the other day was saying the same thing bout … Ole shabba, status a get to shabba head, because jamaica honor him de other day, shabba mi lose afa yu, respect Vegas, talk de truth.”

However, some blasted Mr Vegas, with many saying that he was in fact ‘the dancehall diva’.

Among them, Sharon Faulkner Roberts said, “Vegas is more like the diva . Shabba always carry himself on a higher level and get respect everywhere he goes . Him can't diss the Emperor like that.”

Hugh Cross added, “NEVER YET hear Shabba ah chatty mouth like dah bredda yah (Vegas)...But have the nerves ah call ah next man diva...Ah try use him cuss fi cuss a next man...Jah know.”

Naomi Richards said, “Vegas you need to do better you claim you in church Jamaican artist alone doing these sh## to each other you need to stop.”

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