Friday 14 August, 2020

Mr Vegas 'sad' after being booted from church in clash with US pastor

Pastor Gino Jennings (left) and Mr Vegas

Pastor Gino Jennings (left) and Mr Vegas

The anticipated verbal face-off between entertainer Mr Vegas and Pastor Gino Jennings at the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ mid-year convocation ended in ignominious fashion for the entertainer as a cadre of security personnel forcibly removed him from the venue. 

"He tried to get into a back and forth with me because that is his style, but I didn't do that. I had studied him and I knew his tactics, and knew that once you started to talk, he would jump in and cut you off. Eventually, he ordered the organisers to shut off my mike and ordered the security personnel to usher me out and dem drag me by mi neck," Vegas told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills. 

At the at the event at the YMCA of Kingston on Hope Road on Sunday, Pastor Gino Jennings had been expected to use the Bible to clarify statements that he made when he labelled fashion-forward women in the church as 'hoes'. He had been widely condemned for his utterances after the clip of the late December broadcast started to circulate on social media earlier this year.

Mr Vegas was one of several prominent Jamaicans who had criticised the pastor, and he had accepted an invitation from the organisers to challenge the pastor. However, the debate had a premature end. 

A clip of an irate Mr Vegas outside the church was circulating online, with the entertainer shouting: "You were ready to kill a ni**er because of the Willie Lynch syndrome' and saying: ' You all better get your IDs, get your IDs and your permit'. 

"You stupid ni**er, you want to shoot a ni**er who is defending your mama! Stop being a weak nigga, don't hold him back, let him shoot. Let him shoot, he ain't got the heart," Mr Vegas said while his camera phone filmed the scene. 

Mr Vegas found the behaviour of his fellow Jamaicans as disheartening.

"It's sad to see Jamaicans, policemen and those acting as security so willing to sell out a fellow brother of the soil like that. It just shows that foreigners can use material things and buy we out. it's something with black people as a whole, God has nothing to do with slavery, it's Willie Lynch syndrome, we will sell out each other for money," he said. 

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