Tuesday 4 August, 2020

Motorist with 1,402 traffic tickets driving merrily around

File photo of traffic cops conducting a spot check.

File photo of traffic cops conducting a spot check.

A senior lawman, in bemoaning what he said are gaps in the country’s driver’s licensing system which allow drivers to continue to operate on the nation’s roads despite amassing a mountain of  traffic tickets, dropped a whopper last week. 

Speaking on Thursday at a security forum put on by Guardsman Group Limited, DCP Clifford Blake said the lack of strong penalties against motorists is undermining the efforts of the police.

In asserting that many drivers ignore traffic tickets because there are seemingly no serious consequences for the indiscretion, DCP Blake revealed that the police are aware of one driver who has racked up 1,402 traffic tickets since 2006.

According to him, this is one case among several drivers who currently have more than 1,000 outstanding traffic tickets, but who continue to hold driver’s licences and obtain motor vehicle insurance.

National Security Minister, Robert Montague, last month announced that there is to be a 60-day traffic ticket amnesty, starting on July 1.


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