Thursday 24 September, 2020

#MotivationalMonday: People developer Rochelle Cameron is a 2020 mood!

Attorney-at-law and people developer Rochelle Cameron on stage.

Attorney-at-law and people developer Rochelle Cameron on stage.

People developer Rochelle Cameron is just the person you wanted to hear for #motivationalmondays.

Cameron, who was a guest speaker at the recent JMMB Elevate2.0 financial stability workshop, was a burst of energy throughout her presentation.

Dubbed “a woman with a heart for people”, Cameron showed and proved that people developing is not just a new-age career, but her “gift from God”.

Watch as Cameron enters the AC Hotel Kingston ballroom.

Her experiences, good or bad are overshadowed by her exuberant personality and kind spirit.

When she’s not super mom, attorney-at-law, or people developing, Cameron is busy praying. Sometimes on her prayer line exclusively for women/couples who’ve had difficulty getting children, or for herself; to get through the day, or even asking for the strength to see a dream come true.

Cameron found out she was pregnant after getting a check-up for what she believed to be “stomach cancer”. Coincidentally, having a child of her own has been on her vision board for years.

She gave birth to her firstborn – a boy named Greece – so named after a travel destination that was also on her mood board for Summer, 2019. Little did she know, God had bigger plans.

In her words, her pregnancy was “the result of what happens when something you dreamed about, stopped dreaming about and moved on comes to life,” but Cameron has a lot more gems. Read them below.

1 Bring your own dreams back to life, but be careful how you dream as you have to be prepared for it to become a reality. Cameron strongly believes “…we are all charted with bringing our dreams back to life”.

2 Cameron faced her fears of failure when she stepped out of fear, and, with the support of friends Naomi Garrick and Catherine Goodall – started Emerge (a practical hands-on one-day workshop, find out more below).

Coincidentally, the dates for the inaugural Emerge conference was announced at the previous Elevate in 2019.

5 “I’m a spreadsheets girl…I have a spreadsheet for everything!” Cameron is practical in her approach to life, the attorney-at-law and people developer, is also quite particular about making plans and setting goals.

6 “When I know my outfit look good, I’m confident! If my lashes are on, I am on!” That’s the kind of energy we’re exuding for 2020.

7 Cameron started a pipe dream to share with and “develop” others on a whim and with motivation from friends.

At that point, she felt the timing was perfect to be more confident and start believing in herself and the belief that any impending failure “would be okay”.

8 “Give yourself a chance”, she encouraged. “Take a gamble on yourself for 2020!”

9 A dream causes you to develop a “doing action” that fires you up and gives you that adrenaline rush to keep at that dream.

When that time comes, stay the course!

10 Be mindful of the places you seek mentorship and advice for growth.

11 Go back to the very core of the people that energise you…there’s nothing as powerful as having ‘your people’. Cameron’s people are her circle of friends who “plugs” her back in with retreats, checking in, offering her support and inspiring her to go on.

As much as these friends are there for her, she is there for them.

12 Find your “faith place and stay there”. The dreams you have – big, small, or somewhat delusional – can be achieved, but only through faith, unwavering support from your tribe, and doing the work to achieve it.

13 Know your talents, then use them and squeeze them out! Work to improve on your talents daily, the benefits will come later.

14 “I’m not gonna be a singer, but that won’t stop me from singing lustily.”

15 Life goes by so fast; slow it to your pace. Get into the “Who am I? What am I good at? What energizes me, keeps me up at night?”

16 Don’t fear the feeling of being stuck. Face it head-on, keep at it.

17 Give birth to those dreams, you deserve them!

Above all else, Cameron trusts the process and knows that by God and her right hand, her dreams are attainable and if she should fail in her attempts, it is not the end of the world. Take notes!

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