Monday 6 July, 2020

Mother/son shooting report triggers anxious moments in Mountain View

There were anxious moments in the Mountain View community in Eastern Kingston early on Friday after a woman made a report that she had shot and killed her son and was about to take her own life.

The report triggered a swift response from a police team, only for them to find out that it was all a hoax, a totally false claim by the woman.

The police said when they went to the area, they found out that the woman had an altercation with her son and had made the dramatic false report in the hope that the move would have triggered the quick response by law enforcers to her home, but really to deal with the escalating argument and no more.

“What we found was that the woman was having an argument with her son and (she) called the police. In doing so, she made a false report thinking that this would make the police rush to the area faster,” said a senior officer who went to investigate the incident.

“She called and told the police that she had shot and killed her son and was about to commit suicide,” the senior officer from the St Andrew Central Police Division told Loop News.

“The police, after they got the call, rushed to the area, as they were not leaving anything to chance,” the lawman further said

Upon realising that it was a hoax, the police held a mediation session with the two combatants.

However, a warning was issued to the mother about the false report she made, with indications that she may possibly be prosecuted for creating public mischief.

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