Thursday 12 December, 2019

More water disruptions for corporate area residents

iStock photo.

iStock photo.

Corporate Area residents are being urged to brace for possible disruptions as a result of the on-going drought conditions affecting several parishes across the island.

The National Water Commission (NWC), in a statement on Monday, said residents are to expect low water pressures, adjustments in the current water supply regulations and no water conditions in the areas that are worst impacted.

NWC said despite intermittent showers in a few areas, the water inflows at two of the entity’s largest facilities (Mona and Constant Spring) - and several rural systems - are still declining.

“While this is in keeping with the Meteorological Office’s forecast for the dry spell to extend into August to September 2019, it poses significant challenges to the NWC’s bid to provide water supply to the various communities across the KSA,” NWC said.

In the meantime, NWC said it is working to streamline its water supply and trucking schedules to better respond to the various areas that are being affected.

Over the past months, the NWC has ramped up the expansion, rehabilitation and general maintenance of a number of plants to ensure that maximum inflows can be harnessed, thus ensuring continued operations.

The NWC is therefore reminding customers that water is being supplied on a scheduled basis and that they are to take steps to store water for use during the period of disruptions.

The NWC is also stressing that it is very important for customers to implement conservation methods to safeguard the limited supply and urges customers to practice the three R’s Reduce, Re-use and Replace.

  • Reduce- monitor daily uses including shower times, and general water use
  • Re- use - identify areas that water from laundry and other household activities can be recycled –eg. watering plants
  • Replace - this involves active leak detection and replacement of faulty pipes and fittings

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