Saturday 29 February, 2020

MORE HEAT: 4 men to be sentenced for a total of 2,110 traffic tickets

Four men are to be sentenced in the Corporate Area Traffic Court on Tuesday, October 8, for cumulatively having more than 2,000 outstanding traffic tickets.

They are:
• Errol Lyle, 59, of Hermitage, St Andrew, for whom three warrants were issued for the accumulation of 466 outstanding traffic tickets.
• Easton Codner, 57, of Blackwood Terrace, Kingston 19, for whom a warrant was issued for
713 outstanding traffic tickets.
• Renford James, 50, of New Haven, Kingston 20, for whom six warrants were issued for 480
outstanding traffic tickets.
• Jeffrey Phipps, 26, of Belmont district in Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew, who has reportedly
accumulated 451 traffic tickets.

The four men reportedly account for a total of 2,110 outstanding traffic tickets.
In a media release the police said members of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch
(PSTEB) remain relentless in their efforts to detect and prosecute every individual who breaches the
Road Traffic Act.

Additionally, the police are reminding the public to obey all road codes to ensure the safety of all
who use the public thoroughfares.

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