Friday 14 August, 2020

More health measures for schools come 2020

Central High is one 100 schools to have a ‘Jamaica Moves in Schools Club'.

Central High is one 100 schools to have a ‘Jamaica Moves in Schools Club'.

The health and wellness of our children are of utmost importance. With this in mind, the Minister of Health and Wellness Dr Christopher Tufton, in a series of pop-up school tours, visited Central High School to remind students and staff of the revised sugar limit for sweetened beverages in schools- 5g/100 ml per drink, which will continue in 2020.

It is one of three measures being unveiled for school administration during the ministry’s school visits. 

During the visit to Central High in May Pen, which is among the first of 100 schools to have a ‘Jamaica Moves in Schools Club’, the minister also reminded students and staff of the benefits of healthy eating and exercising- especially during the holiday season. 

“Jamaica Moves in Schools and the implementation of these new measures is an important part of influencing lifestyle changes at an early age so that healthy diet, exercise and regular health checks become a normal way of life by the time our children become adults,” Tufton said.

Health Coordinator and Jamaica Moves Ambassador of Central High, Sharron Letford added that Central High School is one of the pilot schools for another measure; the eradication of all soft drinks.

The school, which has successfully halted the sale of soft drinks on its compound, is also working with nutritionists so that by 2020 they are able to meet the guidelines for the government’s proposed Nutrition Policy; which will restrict certain types of sugary drinks in schools and provide healthier food options for students.

A model for the roll-out of the new health measures in schools, Central High has also implemented the third measure.

“We have launched our Wednesday Water Day and in addition to that, a Caribbean Nutrition Day was launched here for the parish of Clarendon where nutritionists exposed the students to different healthy delicacies,” said Letford.

In addition, the health minister further encouraged students to enter the Jamaica Moves in Schools Poster Competition which will be starting in January 2020 and is open to schools all across Jamaica.

“The poster competition in schools will give our children the opportunity to express what they feel about health and wellness. It will also give the campaign the opportunity to explore what children think and how they perceive health in an effort to strengthen health promotion for children,” Tufton said.

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