Monday 15 October, 2018

Montego Bay Flooding: High powered rifle found washed up in gully

The St James police on Friday morning fortuitously recovered a high powered rifle which is believed to have been washed away in flood waters on Wednesday.

Reports are that about 8:30 am on Friday, parish council workers found the rifle while cleaning a section of the North Gully - which runs from Green Pond and traverses communities such as Salt Spring Road, Rose Heights, Farm Pen, Albion and Canterbury before emptying out in the sea.

The police were called to the scene of the find and the weapon handed over.

The workers were cleaning out silt, which accumulated in the gully, when the weapon was found. 

Mayor of Montego Bay Homer Davis said at a function earlier Friday that it was an AK-47 that was recovered, but police, when contacted by Loop News, could not immediately confirm that report.

The Freeport police are investigating.