Sunday 5 April, 2020

Montego Bay beauty Lanae turning heads with 'Baddest'

Lanae Gillete

Lanae Gillete

Great things come in small packages. Just ask Lanae Gillete, a spunky, gorgeous 21-year-old who is ready to turn the dancehall world on its head with a bouncy dancehall-pop track called 'Baddest-ish (Notice)'.

The single, which will be officially released on the Datboi Sanixx/LGC Mossimo/Wilmot Ent labels in June, has been enjoying multiple spins on FM radio since it was leaked online last week. A video released this week has already racked up over 13,000 views on IG.

"People really love the song, judging by the comments on IG and the song is also playing on ZIP, so I am very excited right now," Lanae said. 

A 5 '5 whirling dervish of energy, Lanae projects the threat that she can derail anything and that she is ready for whatever the world dares to throw at her. Lanae's song, which is all candy-flavoured bombast and pint-sized braggadocio at the same time, is a well-produced tour de force of a song with girl-power overtones. She declares on a trippy dancehall-electronica beat: "Am putting up a notice, I'm the baddest -ish and yu fi know this'.

"The song is not a diss song, I'm putting up a notice basically saying guys always want you to give it up on the first date, so am telling them that my legs will be closed but I am open for something else, if you know what I mean, I don’t mind," Lanae said, laughing.

A graduate of the Montego Bay High School for Girls, Lanae grew up in Montego Bay, and after leaving high school, she tried her hand at modelling, doing several events at hotels in and around Montego Bay, and at entertainment events at Pier One. Last year, she dabbled in the world of pageantry when she entered and won the regional Miss Universe Jamaica Northwest pageant, while grabbing the Miss Congenial sectional prize.

Later that year, she also entered the Miss Jamaica Universe contest where she placed in the top 14, winning the Miss Congenial sectional prize once again.

"I entered the pageants because I was encouraged to do so by friends and I loved being on stage. It was a great experience, I am most proud of winning the title Miss Congenial twice back to back in those pageants apparently because the majority of the other girls thought I was the nicest and easiest girl to get along with," she said.

But being the "nice girl" is not a requisite for success in the no-holds-barred, rough-and-tumble world of dancehall.

"I am tougher than I look," she giggled.

She recorded her first song in the summer of 2018 after being approached by record producer Carlington Wilmot, and ultra-talented US-based beatmaker Datboi Sanixx. Wilmot then contacted a colleague, avid music lover and serial entrepreneur, Lloyd Campbell, Lgc_Mossimo to bankroll this project, and the 'triumvirate' of sorts has been working together since then.  

"People had always approached me before 2018 but I was nervous about doing it. Then Wilmot approached me on IG, and I voiced my first song last year Summer but I didn't follow up because I had school, but now I will be in my final year at UWI, so U am ready to go all in," she said.

Lanae is in her final year, reading for a management studies degree at the University of the West Indies. Lanae's father is a certified carpenter and her mother is a secretary/ front desk clerk, and both have embraced her sojourn into the music industry.

"Most of my family members are singers. My aunt, Garsha Hudson, did it professionally for a while, both my parents are singers in church especially my mother, so this is in my blood and I am ready for this new adventure," she said.

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