Tuesday 11 August, 2020

Monday designated a ‘Day of Mourning’ in the JCF

Monday, June 22 has been designated a Day of Mourning in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) for Constable Decardo Hylton and Detective Corporal Dane Biggs who were killed in Horizon Park, St Catherine two Fridays ago.

In a copy of the force orders that was released on Friday, the Office of the Commissioner of Police declared Monday a 'Day of Mourning' to commemorate the selfless acts of the slain officers.

Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson.

"Our call to serve the people of Jamaica is not merely something we do, it is who we are - it is in our DNA. In the last few weeks, we reinforced our mission as an organisation ‘to serve, protect and reassure the people of Jamaica'. One such event claimed the lives of two of our members, Detective Corporal Dane Biggs and Constable Decardo Hylton, on June 12, 2020 in service of our country. That violent attack left another five injured following the Horizon Park and follow-up operations," Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson, outlined in the force orders.

The scene of the deadly attack on a police team in Horizon Park, Spanish Town, St Catherine on June 12.

The country was shocked by the news that Biggs and Hylton were killed, and Superintendent Leon Clunis and another officer were seriously injured in the June 12 attack which was carried out by men carrying high-powered weapons.

The man who was said to have been behind the Horizon Park attack, 39-year-old Damion Hamilton, was shot dead in Cooreville Gardens, St Andrew only hours after the first incident.

There was reportedly a groundswell of support from the public in the wake of the shooting, as "evidenced by the swift sharing of information by the public, which led to the co-ordinated actions of the police following the Horizon Park incident."

The scene of the fatal shooting of the  man who was said to have been behind the deadly Horizon Park attack, 39-year-old Damion Hamilton, in Cooreville Gardens, St Andrew only hours after the Horizon Park incident.

Monday will also be used to honour the 194 police officers who have been killed in the line of their duties over the last two decades.

"Words are never enough to convey expressions of sympathy, but my prayers are with families of our fallen officers. To those of you who knew them, heard of them and served alongside them, we can and we will get through this challenging period together," the commissioner stated in the force orders.

"We must recognise the selfless act of these officers and reflect on the hundreds of others, 194 of whom were murdered in the last two decades in the course of their duties. We must take courage and honour their legacy," the force orders further said.

The following protocols will be observed by the JCF:

The constabulary force flag will be hoisted at the half-mast position, that is, one flag width below the top of the mast on the designated day of mourning between the hours of 6am and 6pm. The flag will also be hoisted at the half-mast position on the day of the respective funerals.

Members of the force are encouraged to observe a moment of silence (one minute) during briefing parades and other official police gatherings on the designated day.

Uniformed members are encouraged to cover the second button of their uniform shirts in black or wear a black ribbon on the left side above the pocket. Sworn and unsworn non-uniform JCF personnel are encouraged to wear something black.

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