Thursday 21 February, 2019

MoBay Mayor urges high school graduates to acquire technical skills

Montego Bay Mayor Homer Davis addressing graduates of the Cambridge High School.

Montego Bay Mayor Homer Davis addressing graduates of the Cambridge High School.

Graduates of Cambridge High School in St James have been urged by Montego Bay Mayor Homer Davis to acquire technical skills in order to take up job opportunities which he said are rapidly becoming available.

Davis made the remarks while addressing the school’s recent graduation ceremony, held at the Mount Carey Baptist Church.

In noting that opportunities for sustainable technical skill jobs are coming on stream in abundance, he said, “let me encourage members of the Class of 2018 at this Cambridge High school to start a renewed focus on acquiring a skill in order to become more employable. Our youth need to equip themselves for opportunities that now exist and those that will emerge as technology advances”.

The mayor said, while the age-old practice of parents encouraging their children to become traditional professionals remain relevant, the “fourth industrial revolution” is now at hand and demands both academic and technical proficiencies.

"It is normal for us as parents to push our children into the world of what is known as the traditional professions such as doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers and so on. However, the time has come for us to start encouraging our children and the youth in general to  start focussing on skilled areas as we enter into what is regarded as the fourth industrial revolution - This revolution calls for technical skills and competence”.

He reiterated that with Montego Bay’s reputation of being the fastest developing city in the Caribbean, tremendous growth is being experienced in sectors such as tourism and agriculture, but also in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for which the demand for office space and highly trained skills workers are especially increasing.

“Employment in the BPO sector has been growing at an alarming rate and with investors knocking on our doors, we cannot sit back and watch these opportunities pass us by. The demand for office space in the BPO sector in Montego Bay and indeed across Jamaica is extremely great and this is an area in which sustainable, well-paying jobs are available to people who are technologically savvy and competent,” Mayor Davis said.

Meanwhile, he heaped praises on the teachers at Cambridge High School for the sterling job that they have been doing in guiding both the affairs of the institution and the students over the past years.

“To the teachers and members of staff of Cambridge High School, I thank you for the astute guidance that you have all been giving to the students at this institution and especially to the Class of 2018,” Davis said.

“Since the doors of Cambridge High School were opened in November 1976, this school has been delivering quality education to students from communities of Southern St James, sections of Westmoreland and St Elizabeth,” he continued. “It has not always been smooth sailing, but through it all you have put God first and, under high guidance, like pure gold, the school continues to be a shining light in not just Cambridge, but in St James and in Jamaica’s education sector.”

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