Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Mining for sand, but fishing up bodies in Pennants, Clarendon

The bodies of four men, all in a state of decomposition, were found in shallow graves in a section of the Thomas River in the Back Pennant community in upper Clarendon.

The bodies are believed to be of four farmers who left St Elizabeth together earlier in the month in a motorcar that was found over a week ago in the Foga Road area of the parish with the key in the ignition and the doors open.

The bodies were buried in the riverbed, where mounds of sand were dumped on them.

But with erosion, at least one ended up being exposed to the surface, and was stumbled upon by men who went to the area to do sand mining.

Reports are that about 7:00 a.m., the sand miners stumbled upon the gruesome sight in the riverbed.

The police, who were alerted, streamlined the excavation of the bodies, but up to late evening were unable to confirm the identities of the bodies amid the processing of the scene.

The victims are believed to be Kevon and Clinton Hutchinson, cousins from Rocky Hill district near Santa Cruz, and Shawn Thompson and Alwyn Griffiths of Schoolfield district in the Malvern area of St Elizabeth.

They were officially reported missing on April and 16 in St Elizabeth.

Since the find, members of the Pennant community, a normally quiet farming district, have been recoiling in anguish at the knowledge that the bodies were found in the river which is their source of domestic water supply, including for cooking and even drinking.

They are also pondering the question of the criminal access to their largely crime-free community.

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