Monday 27 January, 2020

Mike Henry welcomes partial health department relocation in May Pen

Central Clarendon Member of Parliament (MP), Mike Henry, has welcomed the move by the Ministry of Health and Wellness to relocate the administrative aspects of the Clarendon Health Department from the compound of the May Pen Hospital.

The Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) earlier this week advised of the relocation from the hospital compound in the Denbigh area to nearby Jackson Street, beside the Denbigh Primary School.

The SRHA said the health department is to begin offering administrative services from the new location on Monday, August 19, with all other services, including food handlers’ certification, mental health, diabetic retinopathy and child guidance clinics, to remain at the Muirhead Avenue-based hospital compound.


In response to the development, Henry said he has been working with Health and Wellness Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton, for some time in pursuit of a number of goals, including bringing some changes to the arrangements for the health department in the parish capital.


He said the ongoing changes should result in generally improved service delivery from the department, which is something that should be welcomed by all concerned.

Henry said he looked forward “to more positive developments coming out of the ongoing dialogue with Dr Tufton and his team from the region and at the ministry,” which he said are geared for the benefit of the public at large.

“We have been seeking changes – improvements - and this is a good sign, and we look forward to more to come from the dialogue,” added Henry.


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