Thursday 2 July, 2020

Michael McLean murder trial enters final stages

The murder trial of fifty year-old chef, Michael McLean, accused of killing his girlfriend Terry Ann Mohammmed and five of her family members including four children, is set to resume Monday in the Home Circuit Court.

With the defence set to wrap up its case soon, closing arguments could begin later this week.

Last week the court was told that two and half weeks before the six persons were killed, McLean and Mohammed had reported to the police that they were held up by gunmen who had raped her.

At the time of the report, police at the station observed that Mohammed had scratch marks on her neck. According to a statement from Inspector Elsa Hall, which was read in court, when the two visited the Morant Bay police station on February 1, McLean did all of the talking. Inspector Hall said each time Mohammed was asked a question, McLean answered.

When Mohammed was asked about the scratches on her neck, McLean said they were caused by the gunmen. Inspector Hall said McClean then detailed how Mohammed was taken away in a car by men who forced him to drive his own car before ordering Mohammed into another vehicle which travelled behind them. She was reportedly taken into a cane field and raped.

Mohammed’s neighbour, who had testified earlier at the trial, had told the court that she had said the scratches on her neck were caused by McLean. However, he denied this.

McLean also told the court that he had told the police that the victims would have been killed but he was not taken seriously.

He said the six family members were taken away and killed by gunmen over drugs and money that had gone missing. McLean said one of Mohammed’s cousins was the intended target of the gunmen.

McLean also told the court that he was tortured into giving a statement implicating himself. He said an electrical wire was placed on his testicles and he was shocked for hours and had to be treated at hospital.

Apart from Mohammed, McLean is being tried for the murder of her son, nine-year-old Jesse O’Gilvie along with her niece, Patrice Martin-McCool and her children, Jihad McCool, Lloyd McCool and Sean Chin.

McCool and her children were found with their throats slashed on or near the Prospect beach in St Thomas while the body of Mohammed, which also had its throat slashed, was found in bushes in Needham Pen, also in St Thomas. It also had burn marks. The decomposing body of Jihad McCool was found in a shallow grave in St Mary one week after the murders which were committed between February 25 and 26, 2006.

Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewelyn, who is the lead prosecutor in the case, has described McLean as a cold and outrageous liar.

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