Mia-Skye gets artificial bone on skull, mom shares recovery video

Doctors at the Bustamante Hospital for Children on Monday, successfully implanted an artificial bone on a part of Mia-Skye Baldoue’s skull, the child’s parents have informed.

The four-year-old suffered damage to several parts of her brain and had half of her skull removed so doctors could remove a blood clot in her brain following a car accident in Linstead last September.

Doctors had to resort to an artificial acrylic bone after it was found that the part of her skull that had been placed in her abdomen for preservation had been infected.

“The surgery was a success! I am happy but I’m a mother, so I am aching because she’s in a lot of pain and she’s scared,” Mia’s mother Sasha Sepaul wrote on Instagram. “But mi wah the world know say again and again, God never let us down.”

Still, the family is asking persons to continue praying for Mia’s full recovery as she will have to undergo rehabilitation following the surgery.

“We have ways to go, but for now we can breathe easy. God bless unu,” Sepaul said, sharing a video of Mia's recovery.

Mia's dad Shaun also used the social media platform to reflect on her recovery since the accident. He admitted to being sceptical about surgery due to the possible implications.

“I almost said no, let her stay without this. [I] wanted to buss out a bawling, which is how I feel even now typing but when I remembered that God fully has this covered and if he wanted, he would have taken you from the day of the accident,” the child’s father wrote.

Mia may need additional operations in the future because the artificial bone won’t grow with the rest of her head.

She became a social media sensation when an exchange with her mother was posted to the Internet early last year. The video racked up thousands of views and was widely shared on Instagram and other social media platforms.

In the video, the articulate Mia is seen correcting her mum on the proper pronunciation of the word ‘bathroom’.

Despite her situation, Mia remained upbeat, even encouraging family members and well-wishers.