'Mi can’t call to Jesus?': Angry mom snaps back at lawyer after mentally-ill son denied bail

The mother of a mentally-ill teen charged for murder snapped angrily at an attorney, when attempts were made to stop her from calling to Jesus and disturbing the court, after her son was once again denied bail in the St Ann Parish Court on Tuesday.

The drama unfolded when 19-year-old Jonah Robinson appeared before the courts on charges of murder in relation to the killing of a homeless man, Cebert Lawes, alias ‘Iron Man.” 

Robinson, who was said to be schizophrenic since age 14, was said to be off his medication when he committed murder. 

Reports are that on Saturday morning, March 5, 2015, Robinson was seen attacking the deceased, Lawes, outside Island Hoppers, near to the Reynolds Pier, Ocho Rios. 

An eyewitness said he saw Robinson using a stone to repeatedly hit Lawes who was on the ground. He was also seen washing off his bloodied clothes by the seaside. 

As Robinson attempted to flee from the property, the witness called the police who later took Robinson into custody. Police recovered the stone and a stick that was reportedly plunged into Lawes’ abdomen and face. However, this was not the end, as Robinson later turned on his self as he used a metal object to “dig out” his right eye while in custody. 

When the matter appeared before the courts on Tuesday, Robinson’s attorney, Vincent Wellesley received a copy of the post-mortem report, thus making the serving of the bundles in the case complete. 

The matter was then set for March 31 for hearing. 

However, Robinson raised a hand in the dock to speak to presiding Parish Judge Peter Wilson, but his attorney told him to put down his hand. Wellesley informed Judge Wilson that he has repeatedly informed Robinson and his mother that he cannot get bail because of his medical condition. 

“Your Honor, your brother and sister (Parish Judges Andrea Thomas and Vaughn Facey) have both denied him (Jonah Robinson) bail and explained that he cannot get bail for his own safety and that of his mother’s,” Wellesley explained. 

Judge Wilson allowed the mother in the courtroom and once again followed suit like the other judges to explain to Robinson’s mother the reason why he cannot get bail. 

“Please Your Honour, I can take care of him,” the mother begged. 

“Ma’am, but he (Robinson) was not on his medication when he committed an offence so he cannot be granted bail,” Judge Wilson said.

Robinson’s mother explained that she took her son to the doctor twice, the last occasion being Friday, March 4, 2015 and the doctor told her to take her son back to see him on Tuesday, because he could not see him. 

“And he committed the murder on the Saturday, when he could not get his medication,” Judge Wilson highlighted. 

Robinson’s mother sought to blame the doctor for that mishap and said that her son would be on medication if he was allowed to return to her care. 

“Ma’am it was while he was in your care that he committed an offence. The risk is too great… The bottom line is he has a serious problem when he is not on his medication,” Judge Wilson pointed out. 

However, Robinson’s mother would not relent as she said that her son was “not a violent person.” 

“He wasn’t a violent person, but look what he did when he wasn’t getting his medications. I will not grant him bail, because if he isn’t getting his medications it could be you next or someone else,” the judge argued. 

It was while the judge was finalizing the date of return to court that Robinson’s mother was calling on Jesus, but she was stopped in her tracks by an attorney to “nuh bother with the drama” in the court. 

“Mi can’t call to Jesus?... A call mi a call on Jesus fi mi son fi get bail,” the mother snapped back. 

As her son was led from the courtroom back to custody, the woman continued as she left the court: “Unuh a gwaan like mi can’t call on Jesus fi mi son.”