Saturday 15 June, 2019

Meter audits yielding results in detecting electricity theft - JPS

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is reporting that its drive to reduce the illegal abstraction of electricity through meter audits, strike force operations and other strategies, has been bearing fruit.

Since the start of the year to May 21, JPS teams have audited 17,475 meters, resulting in the identification of 2,798 irregularities.

The irregularities have been associated with customers at every socio-economic level, in both rural and urban settings. 

The most frequent occurrences of meter irregularities were detected in May Pen, Kingston and St Andrew (South) and Savanna-la-Mar, which accounted for 1,007 or 36 per cent of the total number of irregularities that were discovered.

The highest valued recoveries (in terms of the dollar amount being stolen) were detected in Kingston and St Andrew (North and South) and May Pen, where a total of some $44.4 million was recovered out of a total recovery of $97.2 million across all the parishes over the period.

Some of the irregularities have included the use of sophisticated switches, tampered meter gears, and tampered wiring.

Meanwhile, JPS strike force teams have removed over 69,894 throw-ups from the national network since the start of the year.

The period also saw 46 persons arrested for the illegal abstraction of electricity. Additionally, the company has been incorporating a strategic approach which involves greater dialogue and moral suasion, to encourage compliance in a number of communities.

JPS continues to appeal to persons who are not regularised, to contact the company for information on how to become legal customers.

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