Sunday 23 February, 2020

Men found buried in Clarendon labelled as drug dealers

Reports are emerging from investigators probing the killing of four men from St Elizabeth, whose bodies were found buried in shallow graves in a riverbed, that the deceased men were involved in the drug trade.

The deceased are blood relatives Kevon and Clinton Hutchinson of Santa Cruz, and Shawn Thompson and Alwin Griffiths, both of Schoolfield near Malvern.

Their bodies were found in Pennants, Clarendon on Friday.

Indications are that one of the four men has been definitely identified as having been involved in the guns for drugs trade with Haiti. The others were believed to be part of a criminal enterprise along the same line of operation.

In fact, it has been reported that one of the four men actually told his spouse that he may not return from the trip that they made earlier this month.

As fate would have it, they went missing and were reported as such on April 15 and 16, and the car they had driven was found in the Foga Road area of Four Paths, Clarendon over a week ago, with the key in the ignition and the doors open.

On Friday, the stark realities hit home when their partially decomposed bodies were fished from shallow graves in the murky waters on the banks of the Thomas River in Pennants, Clarendon.

Investigators believe the men were killed elsewhere after being lured to a destination, then buried in Pennants.

No spent shells were discovered near the scene of the burial, which strengthened the theory that the men were killed elsewhere. As a result, the police have been combing the surroundings near the burial site to establish if any other bodies are there on account of the area being generally used as a site to conceal murderous activities.

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