Wednesday 22 May, 2019

Men charged for damage to police vehicle in Spalding incident

The Manchester police have arrested four men in relation to the hurling of missiles which damaged a police service vehicle, and for inciting violence during an incident in Spalding on the Clarendon/Manchester border after a police sergeant shot and wounded a bus owner.

Charges, which have so far been laid against two of the four men, were revealed by head of the Manchester police, Superintendent Wayne Cameron, at the monthly meeting of the Manchester Municipal Corporation on Thursday.

The owner of the bus, 45-year-old Jermaine Reid, who was seen in a viral video challenging the police officer, and was subsequently shot and wounded by the lawman, has since been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, two counts of assault at common-law, and resisting arrest.

Two of the men in the custody of the Manchester police are to be charged for their alleged roles in the incident that created chaos in Spalding on Tuesday, February 5.

“One of the men, who (allegedly) threw a big rock in the service vehicle - 22-year-old Rojae Brown… - he is in custody and will be charged today (Thursday) for malicious destruction of the Government’s property,” Superintendent Cameron indicated.

Another individual, Damion Powell, alias ‘Pops’, is in the custody of the Manchester police and is to be charged for his allegedly role in the Spalding incident, which went viral on social media.

“One of those men who (allegedly) made the comment, ‘Hold him mek wi beat him’, referring to the sergeant - Damion Powell o/c Pops - he is in custody and will be charged for (allegedly) inciting a riot in that area,” Cameron told councillors.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Toyota Coaster bus that was at the heart of the incident, Rickton Reid, is also in police custody for outstanding warrants in St Ann. Like the bus owner, with whom Rickton Reid is believed to be related, the latter has been sent to neighbouring St Ann for the execution of arrest warrants which were issued there.

“The driver of the bus, Rickton Reid. We checked into his background as well, and we recognised he had three outstanding warrants. So he, too, is in custody and as we speak, he is on his way to St Ann,” outlined Cameron.

A fifth individual, Courtney White, who was arrested on outstanding warrants issued by the St Ann police, was also sent back to that parish to face the courts on those warrants. This is while he is still being questioned in relation to the incident in Spalding.

It was reported that on Tuesday morning, February 5, a police sergeant was seizing the Toyota Coaster bus in question when an altercation developed.

Amateur videos showed the bus owner shoving the policeman and then charging violently at him. The cop responded by pulling his firearm and firing shots, which hit the bus owner.

The town then erupted into chaos, with persons throwing missiles, some of which significantly damaged a police service vehicle.

It was reported that the police sergeant had to seek refuge in a nearby supermarket, and was later rescued by members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

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