Sunday 25 October, 2020

Meet a driving force behind Trench Town's ceramics and art business

Garfield Williams

Garfield Williams

A unique and beautifully created work of art can make any space - be it an office or home - come to life. If you have ever driven by the community of Trench Town, then you would have seen the beautiful murals displayed on the walls and may have even wondered about the artistic talents that lie within the community.

One such talent behind some of these murals is also the man behind a burgeoning ceramics and art business that has its roots in Trench Town. 

Trench Town is known for many things, with the most notable being Bob Marley and his music. In a similar way, Garfield Williams is making a name for the south St Andrew community in another art form through the Trench Town Ceramics & Art Centre.

What started out as a community outreach programme to engage the young people in his community, has blossomed into a viable art business. Trench Town Ceramics & Art Centre provides beautiful clay-based pieces inspired by Jamaican culture, which includes bowls, candle holders, souvenirs and flower pots.

A lover of art by nature and nurture, Williams learned the art of ceramics from his mother as he watched her make them while the two lived in Toronto, Canada. After moving to Jamaica, he decided to continue practicing the art form and also wanted to teach the young people in the Trench Town community a marketable skill. Today, the Trench Town Ceramics & Art Centre has six employees and provides unique pieces to both individuals and companies. 

Noting that Jamaica has a wide variety of talent and a rich culture to take advantage of, Williams says he is especially grateful for the opportunities given to the creative industries through the Christmas in July event. He says “the exposure through Christmas in July has brought attention to my business and has shed a light on local talent and artwork. It provides networking opportunities and a platform for me to showcase my products to the right people.”

At this year’s staging of the trade show Williams hopes that his pieces will capture the attention of attendees who will support his business while acknowledging the talent that exist in the Trench Town community.

The pieces created by Garfield and his team can also be found on Facebook at Trench Town Ceramics and Art Centre.

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