Saturday 8 August, 2020

MEDS: Itopia Life offers style, personality …and very good ganja

Do you remember that one friend you had growing up that had the coolest house and everyone would chill there?

The energy there just matched yours and it was always a memorable experience.

That spot is now Itopia Life, a medical ganja dispensary in Kingston that oozes style, personality and some of the most aromatic medical herb.

Itopia Life opened on Wednesday July 10 and hosted a few hundred friends for its first official day of business. And it somehow all felt familiar.

Everyone seemed to know each other. They wafted through the halls with ease like smoke spiraling from lit spliffs. The team kept everyone engaged with meaningful conversation and useful information.

Itopia Life’s home at 10A West Kings House Rd (opposite Canadian embassy) is known as one of the ‘iriest’ spots in the city. Throughout the years it has been home to creatives of varying passions and was once the actual home to filmmaker Perry Henzell.

The dispensary offers a selection of various strains of perfectly cured ganja but there’s more to the space than just herb. Itopia Life has strong cultural ties in its DNA and its reflected in the items on sale including a collection of handmade soaps, artifacts and clothing from local partners.

The upper deck of the two-story dispensary, where the consumption rooms are located, is where the brands sense of style becomes obvious. Treehouse, an all-white room with hints of Georgian-design, feels suspended in mid-air among towering almond trees. It magically combines homeliness and inspiration in a multipurpose space. It is quite a familiar setting to see company President Joan Webley and her team strategising at one end while consumers enjoy their medication over a game of ludo at another.

Gallery, the second of two rooms, is filled with nostalgic ques, such as an analog TV, and timeless photography by the late Peter Dean Rickards.

Both rooms share a different vibe and personality but perfectly complement the overall experience.

And experiences are what Itopia Life is all about. Webley said that the company proudly embraces the Jamaican ganja brand and the role ganja continues to play in defining Jamaican cultural identity. That ‘Jamaicaness’ is a big part of what Itopia Life is and Webley said they are excited to create experiences that stay true to Jamaica’s unique cannabis brand.

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