Thursday 21 February, 2019

Mayberry supports med students’ drive to benefit Port Maria Hospital

Anika Jengelley, Assistant VP of Marketing at Mayberry, (centre) hands over a symbolic cheque of $300,000 to the medical and dental students who are organising the production.

Anika Jengelley, Assistant VP of Marketing at Mayberry, (centre) hands over a symbolic cheque of $300,000 to the medical and dental students who are organising the production.

Brokerage firm Mayberry Investments has been transforming lives positively since its inception. In its latest move, the company has partnered with the University of the West Medical and Dental Class of 2021 from the Faculty of Medical Sciences to produce the annual charity theatrical production "Smoker” slated for September 4 to  9th. Mayberry has handed over $300,000 to Smoker, which has aided hospitals in need, for over 60 years.

Smoker is an annual tradition where third-year medical and dental students work together to conceptualize, direct, produce and display a theatrical production to the public, all in the name of charity. All proceeds from the production go towards a hospital that is selected by the class.

This years beneficiary hospital is the Port Maria Hospital where the University of the West Medical and Dental Class of 2021 aims to earn $4 million in aid of the Hospital.

In previous years, contributions towards the purchase of medical machinery and equipment as well as renovating efforts have been made to various hospitals across the island.

When asked what was the process in selecting a hospital for the donation, Smoker 2018 Sponsorship Manager, Mica Cunningham said “The beneficiary hospital is selected based on a variety of factors including its needs and the community it serves. In the past, hospitals like Annotto Bay Hospital, Black River Hospital and Linstead Public Hospital, last year’s beneficiary, have all been donated to. The Class of 2021 shortlisted a variety of type C hospitals and met with the key stakeholders of each. In the end, based on the needs demonstrated by the Port Maria Hospital such as a PTT machine, cardiac monitor, defibrillator and perimeter fencing for the hospital compound, the Medical and Dental Class of 2021 thought that Port Maria Hospital would be most fitting to receive the funds raised from Smoker 2018.”

“This year is especially significant, as it commemorates the 70th year since the inception of The University of the West Indies and its first faculty, the Faculty of Medical Sciences, in 1948.  The beauty of the Smoker project is that each year there is a new set of students who come together to produce this life-changing production. The ideas and the creativity that comes forward may be vastly different, however, it turns out to be amazing. The Class of 2021 is currently working assiduously to ensure the high standard of Smoker is still maintained and that the goal of $4 million is achieved for the Port Maria Hospital. The class hopes to put on an unforgettable showcase of the various talents of medical students,” added Cunningham

Anika Jengelley, Assistant VP of Marketing at Mayberry, says that the company is happy to be able to assist with this very worthy cause and took the opportunity to wish the class all the success with its production. “We have supported this initiative of the third year medical, dental and nursing students in the past, as we believe in their objective of helping to shape the environments in which they will live and work in the near future.”

“We admire their talent and their commitment to nation building in their own unique way. Over the years, these students have shown true entrepreneurial spirit, and we are merely doing our part in ensuring that they get the support that they deserve in their efforts to improve our communities” added Jengelley.

Smoker is a highly-anticipated event that attracts over two thousand patrons, including students of all levels, friends, family, and members of corporate Jamaica. The annual production of Smoker aims to improve the treatment facilities around the island and equip them with the ability to provide optimal health care, thereby improving the country’s health status.

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