Tuesday 2 June, 2020

Massy's biodegradable garbage bags the new rave

Massy is distributing biodegradable, intelligent plastic bags. 

Massy is distributing biodegradable, intelligent plastic bags. 

Plastic is choking the environment. The pesky substance cannot break down and is causing many problems in the ocean and on land.

Fully aware of the need to protect the environment, Massy Distribution has come up with a novel solution - biodegradable, intelligent plastic bags. 

The company is now distributing on the market, its Green Housekeeper (GHK) Garbage bags, an environmentally friendly product designed with D2W technology. 

The technology involves adding a formulation known as D2W during the manufacturing stage of the plastic bags to ensure the plastics are biodegradable without contaminating the environment.

The GHK bags are different from the normal plastic that we are used to. They will safely break down in the open environment faster than the average plastic bags which takes up to a century. Normal plastic lies and floats around and ends up damaging the environment, but these intelligent plastic bags, the GHK D2W, has a shorter life cycle. They have maximum flexibility, strength and are recyclable.  

We can never escape plastic. Truth is it is convenient and hardy and has a number of uses. If we have to use plastic any at all then lets use the intelligent one - the plastic that breaks down and does not kill our oceans or clog our drains and cause flooding.

Biodegradable bags are better for public health and results in less negative environmental impacts.


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