Wednesday 24 April, 2019

Man shot dead at peace concert in Majesty Gardens


Even though tragedy struck her 'Stop the Crime and Violence' concert in Majesty Gardens on the weekend, Queen Kamarla prefers to light a candle than curse the darkness.

"It was unfortunate what happened, a man is dead. I didn't know him personally, we were told that he would be a great person to show us around and lead us through Backto to help with the concert. He left and went outside and what happened, later on, at about after 8, we heard explosions outside, the crowd panicked, and got low behind the bar and when everything died down, we heard he got killed, it happened outside the venue, apparently he was targetted. I condemn all violence," she said. 

The concert, ironically, had been staged to promote peace in the violence-prone community, but ended prematurely when a man was shot and killed outside the venue. According to the police, at about 8:40 pm, several shots were fired, sending patrons scurrying for safety. When the smoke cleared, residents found the body of 44-year-old Louis Gordon of a New Road address lying in a pool of congealing blood.

The police were summoned, and reported that Francis was shot several times in the upper body. 

The show, which is part of an ongoing series of concerts dubbed 'Stop the Crime and Violence' tour, was held in association with Catalyst Entertainment Group, IRIE FM and the Peace Management Initiative.

"We are pushing ahead with the next concert in Seaview Gardens this weekend, we have already got approval from the cops and we are going to have a lot of security there," Queen Kamarla said. 

Dancehall star Dexta Daps will reportedly headline the event on September 15 in Seaview Gardens, and on September 22, the venue will be Tivoli Gardens. After that, the next stops will be Fltecher's Land, Torrington Park before the climax in Arnett Gardens on October 13. 

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