Tuesday 21 August, 2018

Man freed of 4 counts of murder after scared witness stayed away

The absence of a main witness has resulted in a 22-year-old man being freed of four counts of murder in the St Elizabeth Circuit Court on Monday.

The accused was Jevaughn Flemming, who was charged with the quadruple killing of 14-year-old Shawn Clayton, 16-year-old Demar Doeman, 21-year-old Theodore Tennant, and  20 year-old Romario Drummond, all of Old Road in Whithorn, Westmoreland. The four were gunned down three years ago.

High Court Judge, Justice Glen Brown dismissed the case after the court was told that the main witness decided against attending out of fear for her life.

A nolle prosequi, or a formal notice that the prosecution was abandoning the case, was then entered by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Flemming was warned by Justice Brown that it's in his best interest that the witness remains alive. The judge told Flemming that if the witness is killed, the case will be brought back before the court and her statement read into evidence, which could not be challenged.

Police reports are that about 4:30 p.m. on July 12, 2015, a group of persons were at a shop in Whithorn when men armed with guns approached them and opened gunfire.

Clayton, Doeman, Tennant and Drummond were hit, and were all later pronounced dead.

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