Monday 21 September, 2020

Man caught stealing, tells court that drugs made him do it

Trevor Walker was caught on the roof of a building with $194,300 and other items he had just stolen from a shop he had broken into in Kingston.

He was held by security guards, handed over to the police and arrested and charged.

When Walker appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court before Senior Parish Judge, Vaughn Smith, to answer to the charges he did not waste the court’s time.

He entered a guilty plea. But he had an explanation.

“Your honour me have a habit,” Walker said.

“You are a kleptomaniac?” the judge asked.

“No Your Honour,” Walker replied, “I have a drug addiction.”

“Which drug?” the judge asked.

“Cocaine sir,” Walker replied.

Walker is accused of breaking into a shop through the roof and stealing the cash, along with three boxes of chocolates and other items.

His nefarious activities were caught on camera and security guards were quick on the scene. They held him before he could leave the scene of the crime.

He is charged with shop breaking, larceny and malicious destruction of property.

But after listening to his explanation, Judge Smith decided that the best course of action would be to transfer his case to the Drug Court.

The Drug Court is set up for addicts who have been caught in the dragnet of law enforcement and want a chance to mend their ways.

It is held every Tuesday afternoon inside the precincts of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Walker will now have to undergo a drug treatment programme and prove to the court that he is free of his addiction to avoid going to prison by participating in the drug rehabilitation programme offered by the court and graduating successfully.

If he fails along the way, he will be sentenced under the dictates of the law. He was remanded in custody until July 10.


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