Friday 25 September, 2020

Makeshift $20 bridge a big hit in downtown Kingston amid rainfall

Jamaicans are known for their ability to turn every unfortunate situation into one with some earning potential.

And even the recent downpours and floods didn't deter these business-minded men from trying to make some dollars.

A video that has been circulating on social media shows a group of men in downtown Kingston using old pieces of board to build a makeshift bridge that provided easier access for individuals who operate in various capacities in a section of the busy commercial space that was flooded with rain water.

And, as usual, the act of creativity came with a ‘small fee’ of only $20 for each person who used the contraption.

“Work the bridge, work the bridge’ shouted the men who created the facility and tried to get customers to use the pieces of board to more safely and conveniently cross the heavily flooded area.

See for yourself, courtesy of Loop News.

A people with high levels of creativity, inhabitants of the island of ‘sunshine and fun’ are well known globally for being typically able to find solutions in personal situations deemed unsolvable by others.

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