Saturday 15 August, 2020

Luxury Lifestyle rhythm bringing the summer heat

DJ Jungle Jesus  is looking forward to heating airwaves this summer with his new project, “Luxury Lifestyle” rhythm.

DJ Jungle Jesus is looking forward to heating airwaves this summer with his new project, “Luxury Lifestyle” rhythm.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has done little to dampen the spirits of DJ Jungle Jesus, given name Akeem Grant, as he looks forward to heating airwaves this summer with his new project, “Luxury Lifestyle” rhythm.

The project features favourites such as Gold Gad with “Choppa Sex”, Jahvillani ft. Trance 1Gov on “Future”, Demarco with “Loco”, Ajauni’s New Born and Intence with “Likkle & Tight”.

DJ Jungle Jesus said, though everyone was forced to make changes to their day to day activities, he wanted to still get people in the summer mood with an up-tempo instrumental that they can still vibe to wherever they were.

“Summer was approaching and I felt, because of everything that’s happening, now is the right time to create a project for the music fans who want to still stay in the party mood regardless of the whole pandemic. Summer was the main inspiration for this project because in summer, regardless of the situation, everybody wants to be in a happy mood,” Jungle Jesus explained.

DJ Jungle Jesus said that despite the restriction in movements due to the pandemic, the partial shutdown was also beneficial to making the project what it is.

“Because we weren’t able to move about as we would like, it gave me the chance to sit down for a bit and take some time to think, do even more research and improve on my marketing strategies. The only thing that was affected was the fact that I wasn’t able to move around as I usually would to make the connections for the project on the ground but I used the phone to handle those communications as best as possible.”

With songs like “Choppa Sex” by Gold Gad and “Future” by Jahvillani ft. Trance 1Gov trending on Youtube over the past month, DJ Jungle Jesus said he believes the current pandemic also created the environment for people to pay attention to the content of the music on the project.

“We are definitely grateful for the opportunity where persons around the world can get the chance to really listen to the content that we put out. All the songs on the rhythm have different styles, talking about different things so I am happy that even during the pandemic, people are showing it such love. Despite the pandemic, we had two trending songs and that’s amazing for any label,” DJ Jungle Jesus said.

The project, which was released on May 29, has been streamed widely across the world, especially in South Africa.

“Luxury Lifestyle Riddim is intertwined with both afrobeat and dancehall sounds so im not surprised to see it doing so well in that part of the world. It’s a great feeling to see that our hard work is paying off because we have been doing a lot of promotion and creating new marketing strategies to make the project a success.”

The Disk Jock and producer said though it wasn’t difficult getting artistes to feature on the project, he had to be strategic and make sure the artistes selected would fit into the mood he was trying to create.

“There are a lot of talented artists out there so we just had to examine the artistes' fan bases, listen to what they put out, and see if they would be the right fit. All the songs on the rhythm have different styles, flow, and types of lyrics so the team had to be strategic in making sure we had the right song from the right artiste to give the happy summer vibes that we are looking for.”

With two projects under his belt, DJ Jungle Jesus said fans can look out for more projects venturing into different genres of music to showcase the talent and depth of his team.

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