Thursday 13 December, 2018

Louie Culture sparks early morning Rebel Salute crowd

Louie Culture performs at Rebel Salute on Sunday morning. (PHOTO: Marlon Reid)

Louie Culture performs at Rebel Salute on Sunday morning. (PHOTO: Marlon Reid)

Louie Culture lifted the spirits of thousands of music lovers, gathered at Grizzly's Plantation Cove in St Ann for the second night of Rebel Salute 2018, with an energetic performance in the wee hours of Sunday morning. 

The 1990s top performer drew on his catalogue of songs to bring life to what was until then a relatively quiet crowd.

He captured the attention of the audience the moment he touched the stage as he opened with 'Hills And Valleys', before taking them to the 'Battlefield' and adding 'Vibes'.

Leroy Sibbles

Caught in the cycle of artiste having limited time to titivate the crowd, Louie Culture went into his hit 'Ganga Lee' song to loud cheers of approval from the crowd. 

And without changing the rhythm, he ran through 'Eyes Of An Angel', 'Excellence', 'Old Before Young' and 'Pamela Lose Har Man', which all had the crowd singing his catchy rhymes.

Also rousing the early crowd was another 1990s entertainer, Admiral Tibet, whose starting song 'Serious Time' and closing tune 'Babylon War' got him the best response from the crowd, although his set was so short that it left the audience yearning for more.

Leroy Sibbles brought a good vibe as well, with 'Party Time', 'Sea Of Love', 'Book Of Rules', 'Equal Rights' and his version of Toots' '54-46 Was My Number' making the crowd cheer.

Bernard Collins of The Abyssinian gave the audience soul reggae with 'This Land' and 'Satta Massagana'.

Earlier, among the notable acts to make impressions were Ikaya, Rondel Positive and Leroy Gibbons.

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