Tuesday 22 September, 2020

Loop Road Rules: Five safety tips for the summer party season

Summer is officially here, and with the heat comes the intense party season when increased alcohol consumption leads to the possibility of reckless driving.

It is against this background that Loop Road Rules presents some tips to help keep you safe at the wheels this summer.

Slow down – Speeding is one of the main causes of road fatalities and, during the holiday season, one may be tempted to speed in the rush to get to a party or due to peer pressure. But remember, all you may be doing is speeding your way to an early death. It’s not worth it. Also, other than the fact that speeding increases the likeliness of crashing and dying on the road, it is also likely to be very expensive as the police increase their presence on the streets.


Drink responsibly – Drunk driving is another major contributor to road crashes and deaths, so never drink and drive. Carefully manage your alcohol intake and consume lots of water and foods with high protein (like cheese and meats) to help counter the effects. Also, stay away from salty foods, which make you thirsty and more likely to drink.


Designated Driver - A designated driver is a must. Figure out early who will be the designated driver before you go off on a bender, make sure it's someone who won’t imbibe and will get you home safely. It’s not just alcohol that's a major problem as you have a cornucopia of mind-altering substances: codeine, weed, cocaine, Molly that you have to navigate on the party scene.


Concentration is key - Once you are heading home, your full concentration is required. Turn off the AC. Keep the windows barely open so that it does not get sweaty and stuffy inside the car but the air does not hit you right in the face. We know you may like to listen to Vybz Kartel at loud decibels, but if you can, turn the radio off, you want to be fully focused on the road and nothing else.


Pull off the road and sleep if you feel tired – Never try to fight sleep while driving; you will lose. Simply pull off on the soft shoulder. And just grab some zzzzzs.


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