Friday 24 May, 2019

Local children encouraged to participate in social outreach

Kiwanis Kids (K-Kids) are the youngest members of the Kiwanis family as a part of their Service Leadership Programmes (SLPs) which are leadership and character building programmes hosted in schools and sponsored by a Kiwanis club.

Millions of students are inspired to lead lives of service through Kiwanis SLPs for all ages of students, consisting of Aktion Club for adults living with disabilities, Circle K for college and university students, Key Club for teenage students 14-18 years, Builders Club for adolescent students 11-14 years, and K-Kids for elementary students 6-12 years. 

These Service Leadership Programmes help students to discover their own abilities to make a difference, enhance their knowledge of their own passion and convictions, and develop their ability to empathize with those in need in their communities.  These children get a chance to strengthen their leadership potential, learn networking skills and ways to collaborate and engage each other in order to get service projects done.


Kiwanis International celebrated K-Kids week during the week of February 18-22, 2019 with each day of the week having a different emphasis to encourage service at home, at school, in the community, and among family members. 

Division 23 East in Jamaica joined in the celebration last Wednesday,  when one of the twenty-two clubs in the division - Kiwanis Club of New Kingston - hosted the Division’s Lieutenant Governor Pamela Rodney White and members from the Division in a grand celebration where approximately 50 K-Kids members were feted from the Kids Choice Basic and Ardenne Preparatory Schools. 

The K-Kids showcased their talents during the celebration in poetry and drumming. 

Lieutenant Governor Pamela Rodney White used the opportunity to address the students encouraging them in their social outreach and emphasized the importance of becoming more socially aware of the underserved in the society. 

The children were treated to refreshments and loot bags with miscellaneous school supplies after engaging in a spirited quiz section moderated by Division Service Leadership Chairman, Distinguished President Velmore Lawrence from Kiwanis Club of Eastern St Andrew.

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