Saturday 30 May, 2020

Local actress takes to YouTube to empower women

Local actress Shari Shanice

Local actress Shari Shanice

Known for her role as Patrice, in the local drama series, ‘Real Friends’, Shari Irving took to her Youtube channel to discuss varying issues affecting Jamaican women in observance of International Women’s Day, last Friday, March 8.

Irving, who goes by the moniker Shari Shanice, released two videos under the themes, ‘Balanced for Better” and “Matters of the Heart”.

Irving, together with financial advisor Saneka Nelson and executive assistant Debbie Fisher discussed topics such as financial empowerment, mental health women in the workplace, conflict and relationships.

“There are so many women globally that are experiencing issues with mental health, discrimination, and societal expectations but never speak up about it because of fear. I wanted to use my platform to shed light on these issues and to show that you can challenge the status quo and still be a woman.”

Irving said she was inspired to start a YouTube channel out of the need to share uplifting content.

“I honestly am just happy with where I am mentally and want to share that with everyone,” she said.

“Being vegan for the past year has changed my outlook on life, health and true self-care. Even though it has been a slow growth, I want to make content that I believe in and content my mother can be proud of.”

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