Sunday 17 February, 2019

Linstead family living in fear after two brothers murdered in a month

Delvin Dunn (left) and Devol Dunn.

Delvin Dunn (left) and Devol Dunn.

Within the space of 28 days, one family has lost two brothers, 28 year-old Delvin Dunn and 26 year-old Devol Dunn in a recent upsurge of violence that has plagued the town of Linstead, St Catherine.

The younger brother Devol, was killed on December 16th, while the elder brother was killed on November 18th. 

But family members are now concerned that the mother of the two men may now be the target of criminals. 

"There is some mix up going on with my brothers in Linstead, I can't swear for them, but there has been a string of killings in the town, the family is stressed out, my mother is taking it real bad and now she is being threatened that she is next," a brother of the two men, who spoke with a reporter on condition of anonymity, said. 

He said that he moved her out of the community after the death of the 28 year-old brother but she returned.

"She said she is a Christian and not into certain things and she nah go mek dem cause her to run away. But she is worried," he said. 

He said that he could not swear for his brothers and that the 28 year-old was considered a "don in his area".

"People liked to blame and target my brothers for things that happened in Linstead. But my brother, Delvin, did not uphold with some of the things that criminals wanted to do in the area, including robberies and such, and I hear that is why he was killed, certain criminal elements want to come in and take over," he said. 

He also revealed that his other brother, Devol, had gone to the station to report on a previous criminal case and was on his way to a taxi when a man chased him and shot him between 11 to 13 times. 

"That was basically overkill," he said sombrely. 

He said that his mother has said that the police have called to suggest counselling and have offered to move her out of the area.

"But she doesn't want to go," he said. 

There has been an upsurge in violence in Linstead in recent weeks. Last week, on December 12th there was a double murder after a 42-year-old man, Carlos Wilks, along with his common-law wife, Dorette Doyley, was shot and killed and their house set ablaze by gunmen in Victoria district near Linstead. A woman was shot and killed on the 20th as well.  

Efforts to get a comment from the Linstead Police proved futile as a reporter was told that the "officer from the Criminal Investigative Branch who was handling the case was out in the field".


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