Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Let's talk: Do you tell your friend that his/her partner is cheating?

Stock photo

Stock photo

It is inevitable that good friends of two individuals who are in a relationship will meet and possibly enjoy time together.

Indeed, some know major details about their friend's relationship, as they can talk about the good and the bad that happens.

At times they will 'bump' into their friend's partner without the actual presence of their friend, and this can be at various places.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that they can spot their friend's partner in a nefarious act with another person other than the friend. With that in mind, Loop News' reporter Job Nelson and Marlon Reid took to the streets of New Kingston and downtown Kingston for this week's Let's Talk About... What would you do if you caught your best friend's partner cheating? Watch the video below to see the answers. 

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