Saturday 20 July, 2019

Let’s Talk About…Pssst! Are Jamaican men too aggressive towards women?

Stock image of a man resting his hand on a woman's shoulder in an office.

Stock image of a man resting his hand on a woman's shoulder in an office.

The world is changing the discourse on how men and women treat each other.

In particular, the current #MeToo movement started in the United States is rooting up longstanding issues when it comes to relationships, making things that were ‘normal’ in the past, now unacceptable.

While Jamaica is slowly accepting some of the new standards of the world, the island’s legislative is still lagging behind in changing and implementing laws relating to relationships.

One matter that is toned down in other countries is the general way in which men make their initial approach to a woman. In countries such as the US, men must be extra careful when they spot a woman to their liking and are making an approach, in the face of possible sexual harassment charges.

Many Jamaican men, on the other hand, will whistle, bird call, touch, rub, feel and do almost anything they believe will help win the women of their desire. This is encouraged by some women, who will quickly chase away suitors who they deem “too soft”.

Watch as Loop News reporter Job Nelson and videographer Marlon Reid, take to the streets of St Andrew in the latest edition of our ‘Let’s Talk About… series to get the views of both genders on whether the general approach by Jamaican men towards the opposite sex is too aggressive.

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