Monday 19 August, 2019

Let’s Talk About: When is it time to move in with your partner?

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Partners moving in together can be good or bad for a relationship. On one hand, it presents an opportunity to constantly be with the person that makes the heart tingle but, on the other, it gives the significant other an open view on the quirks and vagaries of their potential lifelong mate.

However, there comes a time in a relationship when the individual partners have to take the plunge and make that decision to become one under the same roof. The reasons may vary, as it might be a matter of financial prudence, convenience or wanting to be with one another at every moment that it is possible.

But, how does one know when it's time to move in with their partner? Loop News sent reporter Job Nelson and videographer Marlon Reid on the streets of New Kingston to find out for this week’s Let’s Talk About. Check it out.

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