Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Let's talk about... does age matter in relationships?

Stock image of a couple. (iStock)

Stock image of a couple. (iStock)

Loop News journeyed to the University of the West Indies to get views on whether age difference between partners in a relationship affects the quality of the union.

Some of the respondents said they were uncomfortable with a vast difference in age between the partners as they believe it will lead to problems, as the individuals will be at different stages in life.

As one respondent argued, the older person may be carrying material from a previous relationship, like a child or children, while the younger individual may just be about to start their life and doesn't want to take on the other’s 'baggage'.

A few, however, believed that it doesn't matter the difference in age, as long as love is involved. One man argued that the mind is what should matter, as two individuals can be vastly different in age, but at the same level in terms of thinking. Watch the varied views in this week’s, ‘Let's Talk About’.... age difference.

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