Sunday 25 August, 2019

'Lady Rambo’ stuns robber in St Andrew

A man who last week went to Hagley Park Road in St Andrew to rob a female whom he may have thought to have been an easy target, was reportedly given the shock of his life when he was, instead, almost beaten by the woman.

Reports reaching Loop News are that about 11:30 a.m., the man went to a spot, where he stood waiting for his intended victim.  When he saw the lady, he went into action, thinking perhaps that he had the intended robbery all sewn up.

But how the attack unfolded was nothing like the robber had planned.

"The bwoy buck up in 'Rambo’ trapped in a woman's body," said a man who claimed he was at the location when the drama unfolded.

"Me say the bwoy grab the woman’s bag and a run and all a laugh like him a say, ‘a easy, one-two this’. But when him look and see the woman kick off her shoes and start run him down, him shock," said the ‘eyewitness’.

Things went even further downhill for the would-be robber.

"When the woman see say she could not catch him, she jump on the back of a motorcycle and demanded that the rider of the bike follow the man.

"When she reach the bwoy, it all turn out that she a licensed firearm holder, and when she pull her weapon and start fire, a drop the bwoy drop the bag and run way,” the alleged eyewitness elaborated.

"All when him a run him a drop," he added.

"Right now me know wherever him is, a counselling him going have to get, because him head space must mash up, because him never know woman did so rough," said the source.


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