Wednesday 24 April, 2019

Klassy making noise with 'Buff'



Dancehall artiste Klassy is generating a big buzz in the world of dancehall with the risque 'Buff', the 'Tuff' remake, especially in the Jamaican communities in London and Brixton in the UK. Last week, UK-based promotion company Foreigners Invasion paid her $100,000 to do a dubplate for the song. 

"When I got the call, I thought it was a prank call until the man explained that they wanted the dub because the song gone viral on the phones over in London, and the promoter for the big Foreigners Invasion dance needed a dub for the event. I also got a dub request for Klassique sound from the same song, when mi see the receipt come to mi phone, mi couldn't stop smile the day," she said, laughing. 

The song is also beginning to take off on social media in Jamaica. 

"The reaction has been huge. My friend's daughter came over to me last week and asked me 'Klassy weh di ting duh?'. Curious, I asked  her "I don't know tell mi nuh". She laughed and said "the thing buff...buff' .and ran off. I couldn't help myself but laugh I swear she made my night that night. The feedback in the streets is lovely," she said.

Born in the parish of St Catherine, Klassy grew up along East Avenue in Linstead. She attended the Linstead primary and junior high then went to the Bog Walk High school after doing the GSAT examination. She fell in love with music while in high school.

"I discovered singing in school but kept it on a low then found myself writing my own songs in classes when I found no interest in the particular subject and at the end of a class or at lunch time I'd deejay a couple songs for close friends. I was never really that girl who took part in any form of school curriculum, I was more like a shy girl that just kept in my own space and didn't try to attract a crowd," she said. 

She performed first time being during a school tour at Bog Walk High, and when she left school, she rocked  crowd of hundreds during a beach party in 2015. As Klassy worked to hone her craft, she began to record more songs, but it wasn't until 2016 that she began to get a buzz when she did the remix for Dexta Daps hit song "Chinese Jordan" that she began to gain recognition. 

"There was a huge fuss over the song and that somehow threw me off and broke my vibes completely. I then stopped music for a year and a couple months," she said. 

Klassy regained her interest in music when she heard breakout star Rygin King's song, 'Tuff'.

"The moment I hear the riddim of the song mi body just get busy, so mi write it and recorded it at  the studio. After uploading it on my Facebook page,I  got a lovely reaction from the people and so I'm back in the studio now working on some new material," Klassy said. 

She is currently promoting "Buff', and with the buzz, she has fast-tracked plans to shoot a video.

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