Sunday 12 July, 2020

KFC sponsorship of schoolboy football benefits feeding-programme

ISSA President Dr. Walton Small interacts with a student while Andrei Roper, Brand Manager for Restaurants of Jamaica looks on.

ISSA President Dr. Walton Small interacts with a student while Andrei Roper, Brand Manager for Restaurants of Jamaica looks on.

KFC Jamaica, through its sponsorship of the 2018 Schoolboy Football season, is donating $1.2 million to the company’s Add Hope initiative, which provides meals for needy children at the basic and primary school levels in Jamaica.

KFC had earlier this season announced that it would be donating $500 for every goal scored during the first round of the Schoolboy Football season to their Add Hope programme. With nearly 2,400 goals scored in the first round, this allowed KFC to top the one million mark with this contribution.

The donation was recognized at an event held at one of the Add Hope beneficiary schools, Sandhurst Basic School in Kingston on October 16, a day observed for the promotion of worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger - known globally as World Food Day.

Earlier this year, Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ) – owners and operators of KFC - kicked off its Add Hope programme in Jamaica with a $4.5 MILLION donation to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information’s (MOEYI) national school feeding programme.

This saw Nutrition Products Limited (NPL), the government agency responsible for executing the government’s school feeding programme, distributing just over 82,000 meals to basic and primary level students.

“It’s been a great month for our Add Hope programme – our schoolboy footballers really put out a BIG effort and scored a phenomenal number of goals,” said Andrei Roper, Brand Manager for Restaurants of Jamaica. “We are really proud of the teams as they not only performed superbly for their schools, but they made a tremendous contribution to a very important cause. Because of their efforts, thousands of meals will now be made available to the children who are most in need.”

Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ) plans to launch phase two of their Add Hope initiative, through brand KFC, allowing customers to make donations in-store when purchasing meals. This will see KFC customers being able to top up their in-store purchase with as little as $10, with these proceeds going directly towards the Add Hope programme. Restaurants of Jamaica will then match the total funds raised from customers, making a joint donation to the education ministry and NPL.

“We are excited about about the Add Hope initiative and how it will benefit the nutrition of our basic and primary schools,” said Dr. Walton Small, ISSA President. “We are happy to have made our contribution by scoring goals during the first round of the schoolboy football season. This year, the number of goals scored so far is greater than any of the previous years, so maybe our footballers wanted to make their mark by scoring as many goals as possible.”

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