Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Kenishia Mais moves from being broke to leading financial literacy hub

After being overburdened by family members for money, going on a spending spree and falling broke, Kenishia Mais went into recovery mode.

During that time, she began researching on personal finances, leading her to become a self-taught investor at age 21.

The now 25-year-old past student of Old Harbour High is the founder of ThrivingDollars, a financial literacy hub for young adults who want to better manage their money.  

“It helps people with their savings, budgeting, investing, all the lessons we needed to learn in school but we didn’t and you need it now in order to function in life,” Mais said.

ThrivingDollars wasn’t her first business venture, she started out selling accessories with US$6 after leaving her job in corporate Jamaica, a decision she doesn’t regret.

“I’ve only wanted to be two things in life - rich and an entrepreneur,” she said.

Watch the video produced and edited by Loop's Richard Baker to hear Kenishia’s story. 


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