Monday 19 August, 2019

'Kartel fans' threaten Lisa Hanna; cops launch probe

Social media users have been hurling threats at Hanna following comments she made on Nationwide Radio calling for authorities to place a ban on some of Vybz Kartel's music because of its negative lyrics. The politician's social media pages have also been flooded with derogatory remarks against her.

Assistant Police Commisioner Devon Watkis said police are not taking the threats lightly.

"Threats against any citizen is not something we take lightly and it is information I will be passing on to the team at CTOC to look into," Watkis told Loop News.

Among the comments posted by 'Kartel fans' on Hanna's Instagram page are:

yours_truly:Yuh want a gaza box

daniel_kyngLike u wah get wah lizard ... just saying , Jamaica  is not American, why u trying to compare #vybzkartel with #bujubanton , aren't they at two different places ...if so be the case why u guy never do it like American... remember they still haven't find lizard body so how is he in jail ...and just mine they do the same to you ...think before u talk and just go find something productive a

smokey649@lisahannamp like you want we kid nap and rape you ### big educate woman like you nuh have no more then a topic of vybz kartel like you want man shoot up yah house later badness it name Gaza you can't stop 

Sexy_Sam22 @lisahannamp I use to admire you, but u get bright when u ago talk bout kartle music must get banned, y you banned

Questions have been raised over whether Kartel is illegally recording songs in prison.


FEATURED IMAGE: Lisa Hanna and Vybz Kartel


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